In summer, when it is really warn out there, you need to dress up light. What is best for a man to wear a linen jacket and keep a formal and elegant style. By day and also by night, linen is very soft and confortable.

The best colors and easy to wear are beige and blue (can be dark or light). 

A linen jacket is easy to wear with a shirt or a monochrome tshirt. Please don't wear a tie with a linen jacket, it does not match together. 

Wether plain color or with stripes, a linen jacket is better to wear with a pants which constrasts. Could be a cotton pants or even with a jeans, you will feel more confortable.

Quand il fait chaud, il faut s’habiller léger. Quoi de mieux qu’un vêtement homme en lin pour garder le style formel, chic et élégant. En journée comme en soirée,  le lin est très confortable et doux pour votre peau.

Linen is a bit fragile. Washing linen need to specially pay attention to the recommandations (most of the time on the label of the garment).