In order to make the best garments possible, we uses your body measurements to create a completely made to measure suit that's meant to fit. We guide you through our online measurement process step-by-step with easy to follow pictures.

It only takes 10 minutes and can be done from the comfort of your own home. 

List of body measurements required:


Identify the bone on the top edge of each shoulder, measure from bone to bone, over the natural curve of your back.


Median size 42 - 47 cm

mesure des épaules

mesure du bras


Relax your arm at your sides. Wrap the tape measure around your bicep, in line with your nipples.


Median size 30 - 37 cm


Mesure around your wrist.


Median size 16 - 18 cm

boutonière ouvert vrai bouton costume sur mesure

mesure de la longueur de bras

Sleeve length

Relax your arms. Measure the length in 2 steps. Start from the bone, at the top edge of your shoulder, and measure to your elbow. Hold the tape measure there, and continue measuring to your wrist, just bellow your wrist bone.


Median size 59 - 65 cm

Jacket lenght

Measure at the highest point of your shoulder, at the base your your neck. Straight down your torso, in line with your first thumb joint.


Median size 69 - 80 cm

mesure de la longueur de veste

mesure de poitrine


Measure around your chest, beneath your armpits, in line with your nipples. Keep your arms relaxed at your sides..


Median size 90 - 115 cm


Wrap the tape measure around your stomach, in line with your belly button.


Median size 90 - 120 cm

mesure du ventre

mesure de la taille


Wrap the tape measure around your waistline, on your body, upper the belt. Make sure you don't overcross the belt at any point.


Median size 85 - 120 cm


Wrap the tape measure around your hips, at the widest point of your bum.


Median size 90 - 120 cm

mesure du fessier

mesure de la cuisse


Wrap the tape measure around your thight, just bellow the crotch.


Median size 48 - 60 cm


Wrap the tape measure just upper your kneecap.


Median size 39 - 46 cm

mesure de genou

mesure de la longueur de jambe


Measure your leg from the waist line, straight to the floor.


Median size 92 - 115 cm


Identify the center front and center back point your waist. Measure  from the front point to the opposite point of your back. Keep the tape centered, and snugged.


Median size 59 - 66 cm

mesure de l'entrejambe