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The suit industry is changing fast, gone are the days that a custom fit tailored suit are for the wealthy. Col-Vert is a French tailor with offices in Paris and Shanghai that supplies both premium and high quality.

Our business model employs freelance tailors who go to offices and universities (our target is defined), take measurements of clients, and send the measurements through our internal system. Then the suit is sent straight to the client.

Our tailors have very flexible working hours. There is no official start time or office hours and we provide you with all the training that you need to get started. Each suit measured and sold get commission.

The ideal candidate is self-driven, a great communicator with an entrepreneur mindset. This is a commission-based assignment therefore motivation and hard-work will be a major factor for success. Given that students enjoy great deal, it is very possible to achieve a high amount of orders with universities and therefore earn a good wage.

We will supply you with all the training you need to measure up clients for free and also supply you with sales material that you can take on your sales visits.


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